Features and Benefits

  • Your appointments are on both a map AND a calendar, so you can visualize your driving day with numbered pins, or bring up a Weekly Overview.  If you have employees then each of their daily and weekly views are separated.
  • Every morning you have the day’s appointments on a list and on a map, ready to go.  You hit the first pin and Waze or Google will give you turn by turn directions to drive to the address.
  • Customers get a text asking them to reply with confirmation 72 hrs before their appointment.  You have a dashboard list of upcoming appointments that are color coded to indicate pending, confirmed or canceled.  Customers can reply and messages are forwarded to your phone.  You receive a text when customers fail to respond twice.
  • Automatic Appointments: Let the robot scan your schedule and find the best place for your new customer!
  • You get your own personalized web link, so customers can go there and register their information, which saves you time with them on the phone writing everything down.
  • You’ll get a text from the NaviGroom server with a name and number about ten seconds after your customer hits “Submit” on the registration form. (Oh yeah!)
  • Repeating appointments are managed from a central list, which populates your calendar.  Those appointments can be changed around if your schedule demands it.
  • You can pull up your weekly map and steer customers toward a day when you have another appointment in their area.
  • There is a Financial Report area that will pull up all unpaid appointments by date range – perfect for customers who conveniently forget to leave their check on the counter.
  • The Financial Report area calculates your employee commissions, with different configurations for each of your groomers.
  • It’s a simple system, but for those who want to delve deeper there are complex features available.
  • This software is about organizing your day and your employees’ days, capturing those essential rebooks,  paying your groomers correctly and preventing no-shows with text confirmations.

The benefits are extensive, and I make the transition as easy as possible.  I’ve worked with HUNDREDS of groomers on their websites and online marketing campaigns.  I speak groomer, and I make complex things as easy as possible.